Technical Skills for Digital Exhibition [#TechSkillsUK]

Technical Skills For Digital Exhibition

Venue: Sessions take place at applicant’s venue

Schedule: Applications for assistance open Thursday 10 July 2014

Cost: £100 + VAT = £120

The ICO and BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) are proud to present ‘Technical Skills for Digital Exhibition’, the first ever programme of its kind. This nationwide initiative will provide bespoke technical advice and assistance  for independent exhibitors of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you require consultancy for the development of an additional screen at your independent cinema, or are looking to maximise the potential of your Blu-ray set-up at your film society, Technical Skills for Digital Exhibition can help you to affordably achieve your goals.

To deliver this service we have appointed the expertise of 22 Technical Ambassadors (TAs) – a fleet of highly skilled and experienced projectionists, technicians and engineers from across the UK – who are now “on-call” within your region to help assist with whatever your non-emergency technical issue.

What will it involve?

From July 2014 to January 2015, Technical Ambassadors will visit organisations within their region, who require help with their digital equipment, to deliver on-demand assistance and training. Each visit will consist of preparation and research (if required) to deliver half-day (3hr) training sessions directly to you.

We envisage training sessions may cover the following areas:

  • Presentation skills for screenings; live-by-satellite events; conferences; live music; 3D; pop-up screenings; Skype Q&As; building playlists
  • Maintenance skills: server maintenance; updating software; testing sound equipment; measuring light levels; charging lamps
  • Creating DCPs or other kit compatible digital files
  • Setting-up and updating technical equipment including kit requirement assessment; quality but cost effective kit recommendations; system configuration and interface; installation of second-hand equipment; advice on funding and budgets.

Examples in context could include:

  • A team of independent cinema managers at one venue need training in how best to run live-by-satellite presentations to expand their offer to audiences
  • A group of clubs and community venues in a specific region share equipment and need a demonstration of how to quickly and effectively set up and run the shared equipment to high standards of presentations
  • A mixed-arts venue wants to expand its offer to live music events and conferences but needs to know what extra equipment they need and build on their presentation skill-set to run the additional events.


A half-day (3hr) session is £100 (+VAT = £120).

Up to 10 individuals can attend the training and organisations can group together if requiring assistance for a similar issue.

A limited number of bursaries are available for organisations who would be otherwise unable to benefit from this service. Please read here for more information.

Small print

  • The ICO will process and manage all trainee applications and match Technical Ambassadors to trainees in collaboration with the BFI Film Audience Network.
  • The sessions will take place at the applicants’ venues on their own equipment wherever possible (for teams of up to ten people).
  • Venues can join together to gain assistance on a shared issued.
  • Applicants to this service must be a member of your local BFI Film Audience Network Hub. For more information and to find your local Hub please click here.
  • We are obliged to ensure this service reaches a wide range of exhibition organisations across the UK.
  • Assistance will be subject to availability of a suitable Technical Ambassador.
  • We will endeavour to arrange your site visit to take place within 30 days of request upon approval.


If you have any further questions or queries, please email or call 020 7079 0474 | 020 7636 7120.

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