Strand 3: Expression of Interest

To apply for a Strand 3 Project within the Audience Development Scheme, please complete the following forms:

Strand 3 Expression of Interest

Budget Template



Criteria for Strand 3: Projects over £3,000

Support for significant developmental activity, which can include a range of partners and has long-term impact on audience numbers and film choice; building upon Strand 2 criteria, it is designed to support activity that is more ambitious in scope, will attract significant audience numbers and has a clear potential for strong impact and legacy.
All Strand 3 projects will need to have a set of related CINEMA+ events, programme notes, web & social media presence, a dedicated marketing plan and address at least one BFI focus area. This strand also has the flexibility to support strategic audience-facing activity led by FHSE in conjunction with particular members.

Activity could include:

• Sustained additional activity within one organisation over a period (e.g. over months not weeks)
• Large-scale activity taking place over a wide geographical area and/or with multiple partners (such activity must include a member / partner with strong project management capacity and experience)
• Ambitious, risk-taking and creatively innovative work
• Cross-artform collaborations where film represents a significant proportion of the overall programme
• Strategic activity co-led by FHSE and members e.g. projects with high impact which promote FAN’s objectives


If you have any questions regarding you application, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Phone: 01273 643119