UK Premiere X: THE MAN WITH X-RAY EYES (PG) with live underscore by Pere Ubu

Sun 23 Nov 9pm

Duke of York’s

Dr. Xavier (Ray Milland), in pursuit of a serum to improve eyesight, discovers a formula for x-ray vision. Thwarted by his more short-sighted colleagues, the doctor tests the potion on himself only to find that his ability to see through walls, clothes and flesh soon turns him into a pariah. Still, he is overcome by an insatiable desire to look further and further… until, finally, he dares to peer into the place Man Is Not Meant To Go.

Arguably Roger Corman’s finest production, X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes was a B-movie sensation. Now, the legendary American avant-garage rock band Pere Ubu generates a throbbing, dark and atmospheric live underscore, which restores the film’s fabled “lost” ending.

“I grew up addicted to Friday Night sci fi flicks,” Pere Ubu’s David Thomas said. “The genre had an incalculable effect on the third generation of Young Rock Giants who emerged in the 70s. Now it’s time to honor our debt.”