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Dir: François Truffaut. With: Oskar Werner, Julie Christie, Cyril Cusack. US/UK 1966. 112mins.

You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture.

Just get people to stop reading them. Ray Bradbury


The empty shelves of the old Reference Library make a poignant setting for this classic dystopian tale of a society where books and the reading of them are banned.

Truffaut’s only English-language film is an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s highly acclaimed Sci-Fi novel, which took its title from the temperature at which books and paper burn.

In an oppressive society of the near future, Oskar Werner is the book-burning fireman who falls in love with Linda (Julie Christie) and slowly discovers his own love of literature, beginning with David Copperfield. With cinematography from Nicolas Roeg before he went on to direct features including Walkabout, Don’t Look Now and The Man Who Fell to Earth and a score from Bernard Herrmann at his very best.