Midhurst and Chichester

Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder in Midhurst and Chichester

As part of the BFI Blockbuster project SCI-FI: Days of Fear and Wonder, Film Hub South East are mounting a series of talks and film screenings in Midhurst and Chichester celebrating two titans of the science fiction world: H.G. Wells and John Wyndham.

“Midhurst has always been a happy place for me. I suppose it rained there at times, but all my memories of Midhurst are in sunshine.” H.G. Wells (1866-1946)

Wells, arguably Britain’s most famous science fiction writer spent a great deal of his life in and around Midhurst. When his mother was a housekeeper at nearby Uppark, Wells studied and later worked at Midhurst Grammar School, now Capron House the home of the South Downs National Park Authority. Wimblehurst, as he called it, inspired several of his short stories including The Man Who Could Work Miracles, and provided settings for novels such as Tono-Bungay and The Invisible Man. Midhurst was also an influence on another world famous sci-fi author. John Wyndham, author of The Day of The Triffids, was a student at nearby Bedales School from 1918 – 1921 and visited the town often. There is a strong argument that Midhurst was the inspiration for the village at the heart of his classic novel The Midwich Cuckoos, which was filmed as Village of the Damned.

Talk: Science Fiction: Fact or Myth?
Sunday 7 September
, 3.3
0pm South Downs Planetarium, Chichester

Talk: H.G. Wells and the War that Will End War
Saturday 20 September
, 3pm The Fountain, Southgate, Chichester

The Invisible Man (PG)
Friday 26 September
, 7pm Memorial Hall adjacent to Capron House, Midhurst

Talk: Science Fiction: From page to screen
Saturday 27 September
, 4.30pm Capron House, Midhurst

Village of the Damned (12)
Saturday 27 September
, 7pm Memorial Hall adjacent to Capron House, Midhurst

Talk: The Worst Housekeeper
Sunday 28 September
, 2.30pm Capron House, Midhurst

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