Art Cinema = Action + Management

Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford
Alicia applied for a Training and Travel Bursary to attend the Art Cinema = Action + Management programme with CICAE – THE INTERNATIONAL (HE)ART CINEMA NETWORK. Venice, Italy.

Programme Information:

The Art Cinema = Action + Management programme aims at developing the trainees’ knowledge of the activities associated with the management of an art house cinema, while providing them with imperative managerial skills.

Alicia’s experience:


“The training at CICAE’s Art Cinema = Action + Management was excellent. It was a great experience to meet distributors, exhibitors, and other industry professionals from all over the world. The perspective on how to manage a cinema has broadened for me, getting a fresh perspective. The training has given me a more realistic and positive view on how to organise festivals, events, and how to get the programming right. The training has meant personal and professional growth, a deeper understanding of the cinema world, and a push to start putting ideas into practice without crossing them out as impossible.

The way this training has benefited me, is by giving me confidence to organise new and interesting events, studying our audience and what can work in each different cinema, region, and target audience. Meeting so many exhibitors and industry professionals gives you the opportunity not only to learn, but to realise that you are as valuable an asset as those around you, having the right knowledge and experience to contribute and explore ideas. The training also highlights that there are other organizations and professionals that are passionate about arts cinema, with whom ideas can be shared and discussed and that are willing to help –and to be helped! And this does not just stop at cinemas –cultural venues, local partners and brands are as important for starting, improving, and continuing the life of a local and proud art-cinema.”