The Musical Matinee Club: De La Warr Pavillion

September 2015:

De La Warr Pavillion launches the Musical Matinee Club, a season of relaxed film screenings of classic musicals that are irresistible to sing along to. The season has been supported by Film Hub South East through the 2014 Programme Awards.

Relaxed screenings are specifically designed to welcome people who may benefit from a more relaxed environment, including with those living with dementia, and disabilities. Auditorium lights will be partially up throughout, there’s a relaxed attitude to noise, (voluntary and involuntary), audience members are free to move around and leave the auditorium whenever they like.

Some screenings will involve playful, live action from Suzy Harvey , a professional actor, with many years’ experience of working with people living with dementia care providers.

More information here.