Organising Temporary Screening Events: A Practical Guide

Organising Temporary Screening Events: A Practical Guide

a Film Hub South East Guide by Tom Bailey

Organising Temporary Screening Events

Temporary cinema events can be staged (almost) anywhere you can imagine – from rooftops to car-parks, swimming pools to parks. In some instances the location will be the first element in place and will dictate much of the configuration decisions for the event. At other times, a venue will be chosen from a number of possibilities because it offers the best fit for a screening event. Either way, in every instance the location, size and set-up of the event are completely interrelated and there are a wide range of things to consider when planning in order to determine the best configuration for any given screening event.


This guide has been commissioned by Film Hub South East as part of its ‘Screens Everywhere’ programme. It is dedicated to special screening events for specialist cinema. The purpose of the Guide is to provide an overview some of the practical considerations associated with organising a temporary screening event, an outline of some of the options available and a set of case studies that demonstrate four very different event configurations.


Tom Bailey, the author if the Guide, is a creative project and film producer, production manager and event consultant.
 He’s been managing cultural events, shows, festivals and film projects for over twelve years in a range of scales, forms, and contexts. He’s passionate about presenting work in unconventional settings.