Film Exhibition in the South East Research Report – Launched


In 2014 FHSE commissioned a series of Research Projects. The research aims were to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the region’s Film Exhibition sector. Identify areas of strength and weakness and look for opportunities for development, establish base line metrics to judge performance of FHSE interventions.

One of the first challenges for Film Hub South East was understanding more about film exhibition regionally.  Following years without investment, our sector was fragmented and under-networked.  We wanted to get an accurate picture of our region that would provide a baseline, identify gaps and highlight good practice and provide some insight into the challenges faced by our members and potential members so we could target our support and investment. Last year we employed the services of specialist consultant Bigger Picture Research who have produced a detailed report and provided a fascinating snapshot of film exhibition in the region.  This will help members to get a sense of how they fit into the ‘bigger picture’, identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership and help the Hub to channel our resources to have the greatest impact.

FHSE area map

We were particularly interested to note:
·         Of 303 exhibitors in the region: more than one third are volunteer-run film societies or community cinemas.
·         We have 105,000 seats in the region with 73% in commercial cinemas
·         73% of our exhibitors  programme 10% or less specialised film – with commercial cinemas programming the least.
·         Kent exhibitors tend to be commercial cinemas and mixed arts venues with very little rural and community provision; the opposite is true for the west of our region in rural Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire where film societies thrive.

Film Hub SE is committed to empowering our members through sharing our data and are making the research available so that it can help inform your own planning and networking.

These research reports will form the basis of FHSE Business Plans for the future. The full Film Exhibition report is downloadable here: FHSE Exhibition in the South East