Park Circus WWI Collection available to book

Paths of Glory

2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War. As the world prepares to commemorate this landmark date, Stanley Kubrick’s wartime masterpiece Paths of Glory is returning to UK cinemas from 2 May 2014 headlining Park Circus‘s WWI collection.

For exhibitors planning special commemorative programmes of events with classic film screenings, Park Circus has created a full guide to the titles available through their service.

To help you plan the guide takes you through Great Films of the Great War, The Enemy Within, Take to the Skies, Man O’War: DW Griffith, Love During Wartime, Finding the Funny Side, Related Conflicts, and Documentaries. A full timeline is also included to help plan anniversary screenings.

Download and browse: PARK CIRCUS – Lest We Forget. WW1 Films to book (.pdf)