Call for Sci-Fi proposals


We need your Sci-Fi ideas! – DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 25 APRIL

Film Hub South East is preparing a Programming Development Fund (PDF) application to the BFI for a regional programme of activities to support the nation-wide Science Fiction season that will run this autumn from October to December 2014.

We envisage that our South East SF PDF application would have a range of events in cinemas and community venues, with each contributing organisation offering a package that would contain a set of screenings supported by cinema plus activities (introductions, talks, lectures, panel discussions, activities for children and young people, programme notes etc).

It’s important that the programme works with specialised film content. This includes the history of Science Fiction film.

To understand the context, you’ll need to read the PDF guidelines which are available on the BFI website:

The deadline for your proposals is Friday 25 April


Proposals can only be accepted by Film Hub South East members. Membership is free and open to anyone involved in film exhibition in the South East.

For more infomation on membership, our guidelines and to find the form please visit our membership page.


The overall Sci-Fi season will focus on three core themes:

  • Tomorrow’s World – Visions of the future, time travel, speculative fiction and fantasy, alternate realities
  • Contact – Space exploration and travel, alien life-forms, close encounters, space invaders
  • Altered States – Inner space and biology, experimentation and mutation, mad scientists and man machines, robots, artificial intelligence and evolving humanity

How to submit a proposal

If you would like to submit a programme proposal to us for inclusion in our PDF bid, please supply the following information using these headings:

  • Name of FHSE member:
  • Project description: (a simple description such as, “The Quatermass trilogy with related introductions, a talk on the history of British SF and a children’s workshop on SF stories.”)
  •  Your experience as a film organisation: (brief description of your activity including your background in delivering special events):
  •  Location(s) of the programme (place and local authority):
  •  Name of venue(s):
  •  Film titles:
  •  Dates of screenings:
  •  Number of screenings:
  •  Describe the cinema plus events:
  •  Number of cinema plus events:
  •  Estimated total audience numbers:
  •  Publicity and marketing plan: (a brief description)

Please accompany your description with a Budget that outlines all of your costs for your programme. This will need to have your total income (including PDF award and box office) and expenditure (such as licences, cinema plus costs, administration and publicity). Please follow the BFI guidelines when creating your budget.

Please submit your completed proposal and budget by email to

The deadline for your proposals is Monday, 21 April.

With your proposal and your budget, we will assess it by determining its qualities in terms of content, budget, value for money and its fit within the regional programme. We envisage 8-10 packages being offered by members in different venues across the region.

FHSE’s role is to co-ordinate the submission of the application and, if it is successful, to co-ordinate the delivery of the programme.

The timetable is as follows:

1 April: call out to members for ideas

22 April: deadline for member’s proposals

30 April: FHSE informs members of which proposals will be put forward

7 May: PDF SF application submitted

August: BFI announces result


Please contact us if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing your applications.